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With Thanks to.....

(In 'rough' chronological order)

My Mum & Dad - Who sadly are now  in a ' better place '.

Andy Powell - My original inspiration. (I fell in love with his 1967 Gibson 'V' when I first saw it at a gig in 1977). Strangely enough, I met Andy for the 1st time in 2002 - 25 years later - to within 10 days !

Derek Farndell - My Art Teacher at school for 7 years..... who was an inspiration to all his pupils - Great Guy.  Sadly Derek passed away in 2003.

Mike Khan - My school friend who had a Gibson Les Paul Custom. (The 1st decent guitar I'd ever  had a 'go' on) - At the time I had a really nasty  '***' St**t copy - but in those days most of the copies were pretty 'naff'. These days it's a different story !

Kev Eysenk, Les Lillie, Paul Kaye & Mark Lawn - Who with Mike (above) & I got to see quite a few gigs together.....Good Times !


Steve Donahue, Bruce Candy, Spiro Ellul, Dario Pascalutti, George Clouter and Nicky Edrupt - Good Friends. I have just been in touch with Steve and George after 25 years :0)

Debs 'n' Debs, Sharon 'n' Tracy, Suzanne, Briony, Ginnie, Kate, Joy and especially Caroline, Jo and Helen G (The 'One and Only')... Wonderful to see Ya - Don't leave it so long next time :0)


     1979 onwards.....

John Hunnisett (Portsmouth) - Who had a little Music shop & showed me ' it ' could be done.

Chris Eccleshall ("The Master") - Who showed me how to do ' it '.  (I tried to "stand on your shoulders" Boss)

David Bourne (& Liz) - Acoustic Luthier " Supreme "..... & good friends. Thanks for all your help Mate.

Theodore Cheng (London) - For his Inspiration. Probably the most talented guitar player I've ever met.

Dave Dyke (Wood Supplier Supreme) - Thanks Mate.

Dave Carroll (Touchstones) - Thanks for all your help Mate.

Michael Doughty, Rob Bogin & Dave Hibbert (Stentor) - Who helped me get started.

Ted Luker  (Rosetti) - Thanks for all your help.

Geoff Mather - The 'amazing' specialist tool maker, who made me all my wood carving tools.

Martin Warren (& Bernie) - A stunning acoustic guitar player & song writer who now lives in Eire. They kept me going..... both physically and mentally for years. (The pasta was always brilliant)

Neil & Carol (London) - For the use of their flat.

Keith Calton - Case Maker.


     1983 onwards.....

Lyn (My Wife) - I just couldn't have done it without her..... and still can't !

Pat & John (Lyn's parents) - For their eternal support.

Clive Cherry (Spray-man) - The ' unsung hero ' of the British Guitar Industry, who sprayed the guitars of many other luthiers as well as mine (when I/we didn't have the facilities). You are amazing Mate..... Thanks very much.

Kent Armstrong - Pickup Maker ' Extraordinaire '.

Gary Cooper (Sounds).


     1985 onwards.....

Steve (Exeter) - at LMS.

Farid at 'Casablanca' (Exeter) - Who made  'The Best' Kebabs and Olive Salad anywhere.....and kept us going when we lived in our car !

Paul (Exeter) - The Tattoo Maestro with his ' Harley '.

Johnny Joyce (Aria UK).

John Small (Aria UK).

Clive Norris (Rhino/Selectron).

Bryn Hiscox - Case Maker.

Mark Hatt (Exeter) - The 1st customer in the shop and who became a great friend..... great Blues guitarist.

Mike Mannion - For Lyn's guitar and your friendship..... another great guitarist who had a  ' Royal S-Type ' guitar. Tremendous Flamenco guitarist.

Brian Mannion - Who couldn't wait for the shop to open..... "Mr Rhythm Guitar".

Stevie & Davey - Neah Fearties (Scotland) - Who kept us entertained & polished the dust off the shop guitars for their coffee.

Eddie Pitman - The eternal guitar enthusiast & long-term friend and ' Royal Guitar ' owner. (See you soon).

Big Norm (& Anne) - A Great Guitarist who now plays in XGoliath - Who had a few  ' Royals '  over the years, who was always about..... and still is. Great friends. Gives help & advice on the computer too. 
(  I'm computer 'illiterate' - most of the time !) - Cheers Norm. (See you soon). If you get a chance - you must go and see 'The Man' play.

Dave Sumner (& Liz) - The metalwork engineer. (There is nobody better on the Planet).

PB ( Crazy Pete ) - "The Professor".   Electronics Wizard and general 'Boffin' who is also an excellent player, singer, songwriter & Weirdologist !  (See Links)  My Buddy.

Garon Williams - A hell of guitar player with a lot of 'soul'..... P.B. says "get in touch"...... drop us a mail too if you get a chance.

Graham Barbe - Great Drummer a Percussionist..... now into website design etc - so would probably have a thing or two to say about this one ;0)

Steve Buss - The Electronics Engineer.

Jez - For his help & support.

Boo & Steph - Who were always helping out..... In the shop, workshop & the studio. (Send us a mail if possible guys !)

Steve (Bournmouth) & Pete (Goatie) - Guitar & Trumpet.

Dave - " The Suit ".

Steve Orgee - Had the 1st L/H ' Royal Guitar '. " Cherry "..... a DCS Junior. Serial Number  015. I believe Steve kept her 'till Christmas 2002 when she was discoverd covered in dust in a Second Hand Shop in Exeter, by Bob and Andy, a couple of very old friends or ours. She was bought by Harry Attrill, and I'll get some more pix  of her now  in her 22nd year to pop up on the site..... She still looks pretty great !

Gary Brine (& Caroline) - Drummer.

Little Ben - From Bart's Tavern.

Toby - Brilliant all-round helper..... also a brilliant drummer. (A ' bit ' over-enthusiastic on the sander though ! Ha !)

Bob & Heidi Willis, & Harry (Exeter  ) - For their support & who helped us move. Loyal friends..... always. (See you soon).

Keg - Who always had a song..... for every occasion... and a 1958 Gibson Acoustic....' Drool ' !

Simon (Si 'aka' Pok) - "The Crystal Man" with a Custom  'Royal T-Type'  Guitar.

Ian (Exeter) - Piano & keyboards.

Rod - "The Manager".

Gavin Jurkschatt - Great 'Jazzy' type player who had 2 ' Royals ' - An 'X-plorer' Custom & a Medusa Standard.

Nidge (& Margaret) - Custom 'Royal' Guitar owner & for their friendship and enthusiasm always.

Paul Day - "The Guitar Guru", who owned a couple of Royals over the years.

Nigel Sattin - Business Partner. Good on guitar. Great on bass.

David White (The Pickup Man) - Now sadly missed.


     1987 onwards.....

Tony (Exeter) - Who sprayed some guitars for me in '87-'88. Thanks Mate.

Mike Hill (& Rose) - Mike's Music (Aberdare)..... Who had quite a few ' Royals '. Thanks Guys. Great friends, we've got back in touch after quite a few years. Hopefully see you soon.

Mark Sanders - With the Custom 'Royal' "SF" V (Ultra V) with a 'quilted top'..... who's still got it. Great to hear from you again Mate. Please keep in touch.

Mark Smith ('Smiffy') - Who had the Prototype ' Electra Mk I ' and played in 'Eden Rain'.

Craig Bradley (St Austell).

Pete - From Picato Strings.

Brian Wiseman - With a ' Totally Royal-Rebuilt ' (in 1987) - 1967 Cherry Gibson Flying V with 'Maestro' - which he still has 600 gigs later..... I  still want it Brian ;0)  Great to be in contact again - See Ya soon.

Eddie Allen (Guitarist Magazine & Fender Europe Demonstrator) - ' Royal Guitar ' owner had the Blue DCS Junior. He bought her in 1987 and sold her to Darryl T in 1992. Eddie has sent us some great pix with Junior On Stage
Aside from all his media work in the Music Industry and with various guitar and music magazines, Eddie is the guitarist with Marty Wilde and The Wildcats. Eddie is a heck of a player and a real 'diamond'.

Neville Marten (Guitarist Magazine) - For hunting through the archives.

Andy Guttry (& Alice) - Another Great Player & friend.

Mike (Telecom).

Mog - Who was occasionally 'covered' in motor bike oil. (Lucky Lyn was about !). Custom ' Royal Guitar ' owner. We could do with some pix Mate - drop us a mail if you can.

Nick Clube (& Kim) - Stunning guitar player, singer & song-writer. For their great friendship..... Always. Thanks Guys. 
( We will get there Nick.)

Dale - Who has owned the Medusa Junior Prototype (In Yellow), from new.  Information on his Band  Mummysmack is at

Andy Niven - From 'Ltd Edition' and who owns a Black Electra.

Ashley Jones - Who has owned the only Medusa Special from new. 

Darryl Page - Who had the 1st ' Magenta ' and another Custom ' Royal Guitar ' - The Chimera. Stunning player & teaches too. (Send us a mail if you can Mate - I could really do with some pictures of them both if possible..... How are you doing ?)

Terry Noakes - Who won the ' Picato Junior ' and had another guitar made..... The Medusa Junior Custom. Terry was guitarist in The Cuddly Toys and Black Bone Fever. Thanks to Mike Noakes as well for the picture.

Robert Greaves - Who had the Last ' Royal ' a Black Electra Custom, still has it & keeps in touch. Who's also done loads of photos for the website. The 'Pix' are brilliant Mate  - Thanks a lot.

Mitch Harris - Who has The White Angel.


     Not forgetting the 'Guys & Girls' here below..... If you can't 'get the gear', you can't either run a Shop or build Guitars, Amps & Speakers etc...etc...etc.....

Stentor :  Musical Instrument Distribution.

Touchstone Tonewoods :  Luthiers Materials Suppliers.  

Luthiers Supplies :  Absolutely Brilliant.  

Rosetti :  Musical Instrument Distribution.

F.T. Morrell & Co :  Finishing Materials Suppliers.

Strings & Things :  They've got it all.

Rustins :  Finishing Materials Suppliers.

George Hook & Son :  Shell Suppliers.

Calton Cases :  Case Makers.

Hiscox Cases :  Case Makers.

5-Star Cases :  Case Makers.

F. Parkin & Son Ltd :  Metal Suppliers.

Elvic Electronics :  Amplifier Manufacturers.

Ashworth Electronics :  Acoustic Pickup Makers.

B.K. Electronics :  Component & Speaker Suppliers.

TUAC Amplification :  Amplification Manufacturers.

Aria UK (Gigsville) :  Musical Instrument Distribution.

Rhino Distribution :  Hardware & Accessories  Suppliers.

Washburn (UK) Ltd :  Musical Instrument Distribution.

Picato Strings :  Guitar String Manufacturers.

British Music Strings :  String & Accessories Suppliers.

JHS :  Musical Instrument Distribution.

Hohner :  Musical Instrument Distribution.

Selectron :  Musical Instrument Distribution.

Mustad & Son :  Metal Engineering etc.. 

Cash Guitars :  Retailers.

Kingfisher Music :  Retailers.

Guitarist :  Magazine.

Sounds :  Magazine.

Kahler :  Tremolos.

EMG :  Pickups.

Schaller :  Hardware Manufacturers.

ESP :  Hardware Manufacturers.

Gotoh :  Hardware Manufacturers.

Celestion :  Speaker Manufacturers.

Fane :  Speaker Manufacturers.

Pearl Music Ltd :  Drum & Accessories Suppliers.

Allan Gordon Studios :  Equipment & Accessories Suppliers.

WEM :  Amplifier & Speaker Manufacturers.

The Blue Book :  Guitar Manufacturers Listing.


     Our 'Dealers' in the late '80s who stocked "Royal Guitars".....


Twangers - St Austell, Cornwall.

Rock 'n' Pop - Yeovil, Somerset.

Roka's - London.

Allbang & Strummit - London.

Central Music - Grimsby, Lincs.

Doctor Rock - Bury, Lancs.

Sam Acoustics - Keighley, Yorks.


Mike's Music - Aberdare, Glam.

Cranes - Cardiff.


The Guitar Stores - Glasgow.


     & Bands... with 'Royals'.....

Root Logic Blues.

The Wildcats.

Stony Ground.

Eden Rain.

Limited Edition.



Napalm Death.


Dollar Shot.



     Just to name a few.....

     & not forgetting.....

Baz - " Spaghetti Legs ".

   & all the "Royal Guitar" Owners and Customers over the years.


     More recently, many Thanks to.....

Rob Thompson (Vanessa & Peter too) - Who I've known for over 20 years - a great friend. "Rob the Busker" - A singer, songwriter & guitar player - we have a 'jam' and do the odd gig together. Cheers Mate.

Alan Free - For being a great friend.

Jan Hamilton - For getting me to pick up the guitar again.

Maggie - For re-aligning my brain cells !

Simon Mead - For his electronics wizardry - Drop us a mail if you can.

Kim, Sue & Mike, Eileen & Robert and assorted Kids of all ages - we've loosely formed a sort of 'mutual self-help group', which has kept us all 'going' now for quite a few years - it's great to have friends.

Paul Bailey (& Carol) - For his electronics help and advice..... & their friendship.

Tony Rimmer (& Rai) - Musician & Engineer. They're Great Friends & keep my brain ticking over !

Giles Holtom - Who is a great friend of ours & hassled me to get the site up & running !


     2000 Onwards.....

Paul Tucker - For the pictures & information.

Paul Westlake - For being an " Royal " owner.

D.T. Giles - Who, now owns 5 " Royals "..... Nice one :0)  An '86 Natural Mahogany X-plorer Custom, an '82 DCS Junior which has had a sunburst refinish among several other colour changes by other hands and is now currently undergoing a complete overhaul, a Black '89 'T-Type' with Bound body, an '89 Medusa Custom and an '88 Yellow Electra.

Tim Bromfield (Adrenalizer) - Who also owns 3 I believe..... A Black Electra, a Red Medusa & another  of which I'm not sure. Cheers !

Craig Robinson - Bass.

RME (Swansea). 

The Guitar Magazine (TGM).

Ken McDermott - Repairman Extraordinaire.

Paula & Dave - For your support and encouragement..... Many Thanks.

Darryl T - Who has a Blue DCS Junior.

John Riley - Who owns an '88 Yellow Electra ('The Cheese').

Ash Jones - Who has taken some great pix of his Medusa Special for us, including the 'Neck Joint Detail'.

Tom Stevens - Sound Engineer Extraordinaire for Dollar Shot and has taken some great pix.

Elmo' McDonald - Who owned an '88 Pink Electra Mk II.

Andy Carswell - Who took some great pix of Elmo's 'Pinky'.

Andy Neophytou - An 'Original Shop' customer from 1986..... who has just bought a 'Royal Medusa Standard' - pix coming I hope !  Ha !

Harry Attrill - Now proud owner of on of the the first Royals..... Left Hand 1982 Cherry Junior..... "Cherry".

Paul Dando - The IC100 is great Mate.

Den Clarke - Engraver..... this guy is a real diamond.

Joe Di Martino - Electroplater..... Plating Joe is "The Man" for plating - he is "The Best"..... Period ! Based in... Florida, USA.
Unfortunately we just had the very sad news that Joe passed away on May 10th 2005.
He is sorely missed already - he was a great Buddy.
RIP Joe - we love you Mate.


     2005 Onwards.....

Matt Woods - Bass Player..... Electra Bass owner.

Bass Guitar Magazine - Very Good Magazine for the Bass Enthusiast.

Trevor Raggatt - Great Bloke and Bass Enthusiast... with a very informative links section on his site. Thanks Trev :0)  I'll sort a link soon.

Daryl Mercy - He owns the 1st MkII Electra and kindly leant it to me for Ashcon 2005. Thanks Mate.

Alf Grant - Roadie doesn't quite cover what this man can do ! - On stage, offstage, on the Stall... Alf can do just about anything. Thanks Man.

     *  *  *  *  *  

     In related businesses.....

Nick Rowlands - RME (Swansea), also Dan, Andy and Chris..... Thanks Guys.

Dave "Doc" Evans - The Chemist who knows all about any lacquer, paint or finishing substance on the planet !

Clive B - The Vintage  finishing expert.

Mike Brown - The Decal Man.

     *  *  *  *  *  

     Wishbone Ash related

Bob Skeat, Ray Weston, Ben Granfelt, Muddy Manninen, Joe Crabtree

and the techies : Rob, Phil, Danny, Sue, Chris & Aynsley.....

.....our Girls love all you Guys.


Guy - Who does the Wishbone Ash 'stuff' in the UK.

Andy Yates - The 'Ashcon' Man.

Dave Moore - Organiser Supreme.

Lionall - Who is Guitar Tech for Hank Marvin as well..... amongst many other talents.

Peter - Soundman.

Rich Powell - Who runs the 'Wishbone Ash' Website. 

Aynsley Powell - Musician extraordinaire.

Lawrence Powell - Who is a n amazing artist and does much of the 'merch' designs.

Leon - Who does the website.

Fred Renz - The other side of 'The Pond'. 

Dr John - Who runs the 'USAsh' Fansite. 

     In The United Kingdom.....

Ian Saddler

Phil Griffiths

Dave Jenkins

More to come here.....

     In Germany.....

Reinhard Baetz

Steffan Müller

Welf Kreisel

Peter Schmidt

Frank Roßman

     In The Netherlands.....

Nick de Jong... Thanks so much for the old Hofner. (I'm looking forward to sorting it out ;0)

René ten Berge


     In The USA.....

Jon  aka. Slipkid


Ram Benz.


Chip Peters.

     In Turkey.....

Bora Cetin - Who runs the "washistanbul"  website

      Wishbone Ash has an amazing extended family and it's a real privilege to be a part.

     *  *  *  *  * 

      & Especially.....   

Simon Jones
A ' Royal ' Fan via the S/H route, who has more ' Royal ' archive material than we do & Three ' Royals ' as well -  A Magenta  a Medusa  and a Razorback Custom. They gave me enough of a boost for me to think about organizing this site. I think he's got another one in his sights too - an 'Ultra V' Custom !
This site would not have been possible without you two, thanks very much..... Cheers !
Currently Simon plays in Dollar Shot with Craig Robinson on Bass.


Bob Greaves (& Annabel)..... I'm mentioning Bob again as he has taken loads of pix for this site. I couldn't of got this together without you Mate.   Thanks very much. (The Pictures of Andy's Angel are amazing !) Bob also now owns his original Black Electra Custom, a Pink Electra Standard, Natural Quilted Electra, Green Medusa and a Pink Electra Bass.


Our 3 Girls - Jessica, Kelly and Larissa ..... Who put up amazingly well with their.......... 
.........." Mad Dad " ! 

Sorry if we've left anybody out..... we're still trying to remember you all !

Please send us an e-mail if we have..... Kevin and Lyn.





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