Kevin Chilcott



This was a Special Custom order for a Medusa Junior with quite a few differences. 
The original style of this model has a 'tongue type' neck joint to enable complete access 
to the top frets. You can also see this if you go to the
Medusa Junior Page.
For pickups she has a Seymour Duncan SH-5 HB, an Alnico Pro II  and a Hot Rails
5 way switch, volume and tone, Sperzel locking machines and a Kahler Pro Trem unit.

The original style did not allow for a pickup to be placed near the neck, as the 'tongue' of 
the neck occupies this space, and if a hole was routed for a pickup here, it would have 
the effect of seriously compromising the strength of the neck joint. Terry*, the customer, 
wanted the same type of body with the fingerboard again 'perched' on the end but to 
have 3 pickups - a humbucker at the bridge, and two single coils - one being right up 
close by the fingerboard.

This is a pic with both the original Coral 'Picato' Medusa Junior '89
and the later Green Custom.

The 'Custom' neck joint had to be completely redesigned to allow for this, and Terry has just 
reminded me that she had a Mahogany through neck. The project worked out extremely well. 
The other major difference was that Terry also required a more standard type 'six-a-side
non-reverse headstock
. The guitar was sprayed green and had a specially designed 
'pointy' black scratch-plate to surround the two single coil pickups.



In this pic above, Terry 'in the Studio' with Custom when he was recording the 
Black Bone Fever
CD..... 'No Bones about it'.


In this pic above, some years later, she had been refinished natural and is alongside some of 
Terry's other guitars. Note the change of pickups.


Royale Huntress
What is now interesting is that I'm going to start building a guitar for myself for
first time, and I've decided, after much thought of what I really want.....
One of these
The main difference being that this will be called the
Royale Huntress.
( Less of a 'mouthful' than Medusa Junior Custom.)

The major structural difference is that mine will have a glued in neck with a different style of 
joint rather than a 'thru-neck'.
  There will be a few minor hardware differences for me 
being..... I'm going for a Seymour Duncan JB, a Hotrails and a 'Mini' JB, probably 
with nickel or chrome hardware..... a
Wilkinson Trem, 'locking' machines a 
New type headstock, and she's going to be either Vintage White (cream) 
or a '
Limed' finish..... or maybe Gold.

I suppose that I've chosen this model for a few reasons..... 
The style is actually based on my
favorite guitar design ( apart from the 'V'), the Double 
Cutaway Junior model which gives total access right to the end of the fingerboard but 
with a
redesigned neck joint that allows another pickup by the neck. The contours and
the extended top horn make it very comfortable to hold and give it
great balance. It took 
quite a while to originally design this guitar and the only major structural difference to 
the original
Medusa Junior Custom is the new 6-a-side head-stock design.

See : -
Designing and Building a Guitar from Scratch.







* - Hi Terry and Mike..... Thanks very much for the photo - much appreciated.