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This section has only just been started. It may seem a little disjointed at some stages..... 
I am planning to go through the stages '
as I go - one at a time' and then at the end edit it all, adding particular points, pictures and references I may have missed.

Please Treat this Section as Incomplete.


In this Section I'm going to outline the procedures for designing and making a Shaped Guitar Case to fit a specific type of guitar.

Included will be details on the initial Paper 'Patterns', Plywood 'Templates' & 'Patterns', how to make the Internal & External Case 'Formers' using 3/4" (18mm) chipboard, the case itself using special 1.5mm Birch ply and right on through to Lining Materials, covering with 'Leathercloth' and attaching the Case Hardware.

At the end of the project I am hoping to have full scale drawings with notes available !


This same basic process can be used to make pretty well any shape of case.


Part 1 - Making the 'Formers'

The Process.....

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The Guitar 'Likeness' (essentially a full size drawing/painting of the guitar as it will be) and the Case outline on paper, stuck to a sheet of 3/8" (9mm) ply which will form the Templates for the case. 
This is a Custom Angel with V Inlays and a 'Personalised' Truss-rod Cover.


This is the Template made of 3/8" (9mm) Ply for the Inside Former - carefully cut out slightly oversize using a Fretsaw.
The Template is then carefully sanded using firstly a Disc Sander to do the majority of the job and then by hand. It must be exactly right, as this Template is the 'Model' for the Case.


This is the Ply Template for the Outside Former - still in one piece !
( The inside edge still needs to be trimmed back about 1/4" (6-7mm) to allow for the Case Wall thickness.)

The Walls, or Ribs, of the Case will be made up from 4 layers of 1.5mm Special Pattern Ply which can be moulded to form the Case Rib Structure.


In this picture are some of the Component Parts for both the Inside and Outside Formers and also a piece yet to be cut. These have been marked out using the Ply Templates.
All together 4 pieces of 3/4" (18mm) chipboard will be needed for both the Inside and Outside Formers.



Two layers of the Outside Former.



Two layers of the Inside Former being glued up using standard PVA.
Eight screws are also used in this instance - which also helps the 'line up'.
They have been cut a little oversize, as the Former will be trimmed to size with a router.

Two Parts (4 pieces altogether) like the above will be needed for both the Inside and Outside Formers.

The clamps are 'Cam Clamps' made by Klemmsia in Germany. 
( You can never have too many of these clamps in your workshop - they're brilliant !)

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