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We can supply New Kahlers and a Retro-fitting service

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A 'Pack' of original Kahler Pro Tremolo Units
(Picture - Information Only - for Availability see below)

Four Kahler Pro tremolo units - Royale Guitars

Photo by Bob Greaves - 2002.

Kahler 2300 Tremolo Units

Black Chrome Kahler 'Pro' with Steel rollers - at top left.

Gold Anodized Kahler 'Pro' with Brass Rollers - bottom left.

Black Chrome Kahler 'Pro' with Brass Rollers - bottom right.

Chrome Kahler  New 'Pro' with Steel Rollers - top right. New.

Click on the Links above for larger pix of the individual units.

The Chrome unit showed here is the 'New' Model of Kahler Pro, which has some slight 
changes of 'chassis' shape if compared to the originals... and has lighter weight cam. 

If you want some sort of idea of what a Kahler 2300 feels like, please go to That Guitar review.
This gives some idea of the quality of these units.

The New Kahler Trem Shop

Please email for current availability of Second-hand units as well as New units or Spares.....



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