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Guitar Hardware

Over the years we've used many various makes and types of hardware,
and this has been dependant on the type of guitar I've been building at the time...

Kahler,  EMG,  DiMarzio, Schaller, Gotoh, Grover  

Kluson,  Kent Armstrong,  ABM,  Seymour Duncan, 

AllpartsEntwistle / White   &  Wilkinson. name just a few.
I have got my favorites of course, and we've also had our own 'Royal' hardware made specifically for certain purposes.
In more recent years I've tended to stick with Grover machines when possible as 
I've found these to be superb all round and very reliable.
We now have our own range of hand-wound pickups and these are fitted as standard unless other types are requested.

If you have any specific hardware requirements... please email and we'll try and help you out.

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"Royal" Hardware


The original Royal pickups are not currently available... 
But our range of Royale Pickups is.
Our Website is : - there's a direct link on the Contact Page.

In 1986 the projects required our own pickups and bridge units,
and we had David White make us a specific range of pickups for our purposes.
Initially we had 2 specifically voiced humbuckers made : 

The Cream Dream  
The Cream Dream© was voiced for the neck position for a gorgeous 'creamy' tone.
(Optional covers in Nickel, Chrome, Gold, Cream and Black)

The Dirtbox*
The Dirtbox©* was voiced for the bridge position for great 'bite', but which also
cleaned up nicely when the volume control was 'backed off' a touch.
(Optional covers in Nickel, Chrome, Gold, Cream and Black)

Both these pickups were reviewed in the Angel 'V' Review in Guitarist Magazine 
in October 1987. 

The Cool Classic
Another specific pickup that was specially made was The Cool Classic©, a 'P 90' type 
single coil that would fit into a humbucker surround. This was so it could be retro-fitted 
and used as a replacement for that really 'classic' tone without having to do any special 
routing - which with the originals would have to be done.
(Various optional covers were available) 
The Prototype pickup was made in 1986, and I still have it..... 
We believe that this was the first time this idea was used - although this option is 
now available from other pickup manufacturers worldwide ! 

The Cool Classic

1987 DCS 'TV' Junior with a Cool Classic fitted

The Fireblade
The Fireblade© type pickups were 'high output', again designed specifically for us 
by David White in 1987.
These were an innovative design using 'flanged blade pole-pieces' which
'alter' the magnetic field from it's usual configuration and give the pickups a 
distinctive voice. There were 3 models.....
The Fireblade T-I, T-II & T-III©.
(The pickups were normally supplied with exposed bobbins but there were optional covers in Nickel, Chrome, Gold, Cream and Black)

The Guitarist Electra Mk I '87 with a Fireblade T-I 

From memory, I believe that this Guitar had the prototype Fireblade T-I 'on board' at the Bridge.
(These pickups are not currently available)

However, please see our new range of Royale Pickups at :

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Bridge / Tail Pieces
In 1986 I designed a bridge system for use with our non-tremolo guitars, which was 
a variation on the standard theme. The bridge 'chassis' design followed the Royal 3-a-side 
Headstock shape to keep the continuity of the style - Royal Classic Bridge©.

The Royal Classic Bridge

1987 DCS Blue Junior with a "Royal Classic" Bridge

These were specially made for us by Dave Sumner who is an amazing engineer.
(These bridges are not currently available)

*   *   *   *   *

Manufactured Hardware

Kahler Pro Units
Kahler Pro tremolo units have always been my favorite modern type... and still are.

Kahler Pro

Kahlers were designed by Gary Kahler and are made in the USA. 

Like all guitar hardware they aren't perfect and are a 'compromise', which 
in this case is the manual adjustment for the intonation. 
I have never found this to be a problem and the rest of the design and 
engineering is probably as good as you can get - anywhere.

I used dozens of them over the years, and never had any trouble with them at all.
When 'set up' and 'used' correctly, they will stay in-tune in all situations.
(Please Click above for pictures)

*   *   *   *   *

Wilkinson Bridges

These units are designed by Trevor Wilkinson.

Wilkinson GTB 200

This is a basic bridge/tailpiece with some intonation adjustment.
A Great Little Unit.

*   *   *   *   *


 Short Vibrola

I like this Nickel plated unit - essentially a copy of the original Short Gibson Vibrola... 
...also known as a Short Arm Maestro.
I use these on the Royale Andy Powell Signature Angel V models. 

*   *   *   *   *

Entwistle / White


These are some really nice single coils used on some High-End Hohner Guitars.
It seems that these are now quite sought after.

*   *   *   *   *



* ... The name Dirtbox© 1986...
...has been used well after 1986 by several companies for overdrive pedals and other devices !  Hmmm !

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