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The 'Guitarist'  MK I  Electra 1987

The Special Electra Guitar for the Guitarist Show in 1987 - Royal Guitars


This is a 'dusty' picture I've just found of the 2nd Electra made and is only
one of two MK I models in existence - with the rounded horns and the
'Standard' Royal Headstock for that time.
(The original prototype was built in 1986. Her headstock had no banding)

She has a one piece Mahogany body, one piece Mahogany neck, Rosewood
fingerboard and Ebony head-face. She also has 'Lightning Bolt' MOP fingerboard 
inlays and..... Guitarist '87 in MOP inlayed in her headstock.
She has a chrome Kahler Pro unit, Schaller mini-machines and a set of 
3 Royal Pickups made for us by David White, tone & volume 
& 5 way slot type switch 'thru-the-body'.

Colour - Red

The neck pickup is a 'Cream Dream', the middle pickup is a Vintage 
voiced 'S-Type' and at the bridge is another custom pickup with a very 
high output and 'flanged pole-piece blades' which 'alter' the magnetic 
field from it's 'usual' configuration. 
This innovation spawned 3 models of this type, each with it's own 
distinctive 'voicing'. 
This type was called the 'Fireblade' in either T-1, T-II or T-III format.
I still have one of these somewhere - I'll try and dig it out for a photo !
I believe that this guitar had the Prototype Fireblade T-I pickup on board.

Please go to Hardware for more info on "Royal" Pickups & Kahlers.

This Guitar was made for a Guitarist Magazine Competition in 1987.
She was also the Centre-piece of the Guitarist 'Stand' 
at the Guitarist Exhibition in 1987.
There are some articles in at least 2 Guitarist Magazines from that time -
if anybody has copies I would love to have some scans if possible..... Thanks.

Please E-mail : -

(Unfortunately, due to moving offices, Neville Marten at Guitarist Magazine 
can't find the originals)

I'm afraid that the picture is a little 'rough' - it's been in a box
in the workshop for at least 15 years !
I'll try and get rid of the 'glitches' to give you a better picture at a later date.

*   *   *   *   *


June 2005 - I've just been sent some files by Trevor Raggat (Thanks very much Mate).
These include a scan of the entry form for the Royal Guitarist '87 Electra Competition for the Guitarist Magazine Show.

Here is a rather compressed photo of the guitar.
This is the only photo I have of it... scanned from an old magazine copy.
This guitar was made in 1986 and was the guitar that I 'ironed' out all the problems with drilling the holes !  
That was some task !!! ;0)

The largest hole is actually tapered (more like a cone), as I was drilling it with a brace and an old fashioned adjustable bit..... 
this method started top 'pull in' the adjustable blade and reduce the size of the hole - probably due to the hardness of the wood.

Not much I could do so I just carried on going... I then figured out a much better way of doing it!

Prototype Electra 1986

Royal Electra Mk1 Prototype - Royal Guitars

A few modifications.....

You can also see that I changed the size of some of the holes in the 'Guitarist one', as the small holes were just not possible to finish properly !

The Lightning Bolt inlays are also larger on the Competition guitar.

There were David White Pickups on the Prototype and Royal Pickups on the Guitarist '87 Guitar.

Here below is the original entry form.
I'd forgotten completely about this picture and piece in Guitarist magazine in 1987.

Royal Electra Competition Entry Form for Guitarist Magazine 1987 - Royal Guitars

Thanks again to Trevor Raggatt for digging out these bits of info. Much appreciated.





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