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Royal Electra Bass

This Bass was made in 1988... the pix were taken in 2004.

She is 'as is' with no additional work or 'cleaning up' carried out.

Montage of Royal Electra Bass Guitar Photos - Kevin Chilcott Luthier


Royal Electra Bass Guitar. Top end of Neck - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

24th Fret Access. 
You can see how the lacquer on the banding has discoloured over the 16 years since she was made up until the photo was taken.

Royal Electra Bass Guitar. Scalloped heel - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

The Scallop which is allowed by the thru-neck construction.

Royal Electra Bass Guitar. Looking up the neck - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

A view up the neck - you can see that there is a little marking here and there on the body, 
but generally the condition of the finish is pretty good.

Royal Electra Bass Guitar. Inlay detail - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

A bit of inlay detail.

Royal Electra Bass Guitar. ABM bridge and EMG humbucker. - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

ABM bridge, EMG humbucker and Volume control.

Royal Electra Bass Guitar. View of the back - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

A general view of the back - it appears that the back-plate has been changed at some point.

Royal Electra Bass Guitar. Headstock with MOP inlay - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

Bound Headstock with Ebony Headface and MOP inlays. Schaller mini-machines.

Royal Electra Bass Guitar. Back of Headstock - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

There is a small amount of damage at the tip of the headstock. 
This picture also shows the 'volute' where the headstock joins the neck. 

Royal Electra Bass Guitar. Full length of the 'beastie' - Kevin Chilcott Luthier

This is one long 'beastie'... but does balance very well on a strap.

Many thanks to Bob Greaves (her new owner) for this selection of pictures.

Please Note :

Below, I've been sent a couple of mails by Matt Woods a previous owner who bought her second-hand at some point.....

Hi Kev,
Well would you believe it, there I was surfing the net for bass bits when I stumbled across your page with a picture of myself with the pink Electra bass. Yes, I'm Matt and that was me playing the bass with Goliath.
I absolutely loved that bass, and to this day wish I could get hold of it again. I think it ended up as a p/x deal on something else, not too sure.
It was lovely to play and looked amazing. It was nice to see again, and if you hear of it being on sale at any time please do drop me a line 'cos I'd love to have it back again. So thank you for the blast from the past, it's good to know it's still alive and well.

Regards, Matt Woods.

Hi Kev.
Yes, that definitely is my old bass in the pictures, I have to admit the damage on the tip of the headstock was me, I remember doing it!!
The only modification I made was to replace the faulty pickup.
Are you still making basses?
I took a trip down memory lane and wrote a little review for you. Through rose tinted glasses perhaps, but I have fond memories of her and it probably shows.

Regards, Matt Woods.

Royal Electra Bass Guitar

Construction:  Mahogany body with maple thru-neck. Reverse Ebony faced headstock with Schaller mini machine heads. Bound 24 fret Ebony fingerboard with Mother-of-Pearl inlays. ABS fine-tuner bridge, a single active EMG pickup with one volume control.

This is a very eye-catching bass, not only because of the pink ‘cheese hole’ body, but perhaps more for the long sleek neck with beautiful bound Ebony fretboard. This is a very lightweight bass, not too neck heavy and very comfortable to play either standing or sitting. The finish is a deep pink which under stage lights has an almost translucent quality.

The neck of this bass, though seemingly being about a mile long, is one of the most non-fatiguing I have played. The flatness of the board allowing for a ridiculously low action, and full access right up to the 24th fret making fast runs and arpeggios a breeze.

Sound wise, the lightness of the instrument and its holes means it lacks a little in bottom end. However, adopt a more aggressive picking style and the bass comes alive with midrange bite and a chunky, almost compressed tone with harmonics I didn’t even know existed on a bass!  Speaking of harmonics, I don’t know what this has as a truss-rod, but it has survived neck bends that Mr Sheehan himself would cringe at!

Understandably, a holey pink bass may not be to everyone’s taste, but this bass really sings and is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic and satisfying basses I have ever played.

Reviewed by Matt Woods

(Click on the link below to see pix of Matt with the bass at that time)


More of the Electra Bass

With Matt Woods one of her previous owners

Workshop Picture


The Standard Electra basses have a Maple 'Thru-neck' with Mahogany 
wings, bound Ebony fingerboard and head-face, offset 'V' MOP fingerboard inlays, 
headstock inlays, single 'angled' EMG humbucking pickup & ABM bridge.
Standard scale length of 34".

Electra Bass Colours : - Black, White & Pink.





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