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Royal Yellow Electra MK II

Electra Mk II in yellow 1988 - Royal Guitars
Picture supplied by Paul Tucker of Torquay


"The Cheese"... 
...which these were commonly called
This guitar was probably made in mid 1988, and was most likely for sale at 
a shop in either 'St Austell' in Cornwall or 'Yeovil' in Somerset, England.
She was originally fitted with a pair of EMG pickups.
She was most likely one of the first Ten Mk II Electras made.

She looks great in yellow - the colour shows off the design to the full with the 'lines' 
of the holes, controls and switch, which as you can see is a 'slot-type', but 'thru' 
the body and not a scratch plate - first done in 1986 by 'Royal' on the Electra Prototype.  
It is believed that this was the first time that this method had been used anywhere, 
although now it is very commonplace. The same, it is believed, is true for the 
'angled bridge humbucker' idea which was first used in 1987 on the first 
'Royal' Electra MK II.

"Big Norm has been able to fill me in with a bit more history.
Paul Tucker thinks that Paul Westlake bought her 2nd hand from Nick Briars' 
'Abbey Rd Music' in Torquay, England.
Paul Westlake put Di Marzio pickup's in her !... and eventually sold her." 

In 1990 John Riley bought her from Paul Westlake and took her on an 'Overseas Tour' 
and then to America and Japan in 1994 where she's been with him until this year.  
In 2002 he was back in the UK and still has her I believe.


The most popular 'Electra' colours were Black and Yellow,
and there are 'quite a few' of each of these 'out and about'.



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