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Blue DCS Junior 1987

Blue Royal DCS Junior Guitar 1987
Photo courtesy of Darryl T - 1992

This guitar was built in 1987 and was bought by Eddie Allen
(Guitarist Magazine and now Fender Europe demonstrator)
the same year.  
Eddie did the review on the Angel V in Guitarist Magazine 
in the October '87 issue.

The Junior has a one piece Mahogany body, one piece Mahogany neck,
Rosewood fingerboard, Ebony head-face, MOP dot fingerboard
inlays and headstock inlays.

Eddie replaced the original 'Royal' Bridge with the Kahler Pro Unit 
and the 'Firebird' pickup with the Seymour Duncan Trembucker.
She still has the original finish.

He sold her to Darryl T in 1992.

An Old Photo from '87
Below is an old, dusty and faded photo of her just after she was built in 1987, 
with the original hardware - A 'Royal' Bridge and 'Firebird' type pickup.
The picture was taken just outside The Royal Guitars Shop in Exeter.
Please excuse the picture quality, I found picture this in a box in the old workshop.

Royal DCS Junior Guitar in Blue. 1987

Eddie On Stage at Cambridge Corn Exchange 1987

Eddie Allen playing his Royal DCS Junior Guitar on stage in 1987.
Thanks to Eddie for the picture





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