Kevin Chilcott



Mansfield Leisure Centre
Date: October 29th 2005

First of all, a huge thanks to Wishbone Ash: Andy, Ray, Bob and Muddy.
This was a magnificent event arranged by Dave Moore and Guy Roberts with the very able assistance of Andy Yates when required ;0)
Behind them was a huge team of Crew who organised Security, Roadies, Staff on the Door and on the Merch stalls, 'Taxi drivers' and guys making teas and coffees etc. In fact there were numerous people who helped all through the day with all aspects of the event and it couldn't have been achieved to the extent and certainly not to the success it was if Wishbone Ash wasn't the incredible community it is. This is the unique feature of this Amazing band now celebrating 35 years on the road.

Other guys to especially thank who made the day it was are:
Aynsley Powell (Crewing for his Dad & the Band in general),  Dan (from France on the Desk), Sue (on the Merchandise), FD ("Beer and more Beer" ;0) who was working tremendously hard behind the scenes,  Nick de Jong, Rene Ten Berg, and Harry (The Dutch Boys), Fred Renz, Dave Jenkins, also Bob Greaves and Alan Fretten for their astounding pictures of the event we can treasure forever. We're sorry we can't remember you all, but we'll catch up next year no doubt :0)
(Sling us a line to add you to the list please anybody involved)

The afternoon session ran from 12pm until 5pm and comprised of a stand of the Wishbone Ash Merch, Talking Elephant Records CDs and Info, our Royale Guitars stand... and that on all these stands folks could browse round and their leisure, gaze, take pix and ask questions. We feel very privileged to have been able to play a just small part in this wonderful event.
During the session Wishbone Ash also did a 'Meet and Greet' in another part of the venue for all the fans.

Afternoon Session

Royale Guitars Section

Picture by Alan Fretten at Ashcon 2005

Larissa & Lyn sorting out bits & bobs on the Merch stall

Display of Royal Guitars from 1981 to1989

Picture by Alan Fretten at Ashcon 2005

L to R: '85 'SCS' 'TV' Junior, '87 Red Electra, '88 Pink Electra Bass, '89 Black Electra, '88 Pink Electra and 1981 'DCS' 'TV' Junior
We managed to 'acquire' 15 guitars in all for the display

"Hands On"

Picture by Alan Fretten at Ashcon 2005

Kev doing a bit of 'practical'

A couple more 'Hands On'

Picture by Alan Fretten at Ashcon 2005

Kev with Nick de Jong, who has got his hands on the 'Angel' V that Kev's making for him - although it's in bits!

Later Kev did a 'very brief seminar' on the development of the electric guitar from 1948 to1967, then Andy joined him on stage and they discussed various aspects of 'PC', the first guitar Kev made for him.
Andy then did a wonderful workshop section with several amateur guitar players of varying ages and abilities, That was a really memorable experience for everybody there.
Brilliant !


Picture by Alan Fretton at Ashcon 2005

Muddy playing Kev's 1985 vintage Royal 'SCS' Junior during the sound-check

Evening Acoustic Set

In the evening, first  there was the Acoustic set Piped in by 'Pumpkin' fully attired in his wonderful full Scots dress uniform and Bagpipes.
The Boys were joined on stage by Nick Parker from London on Accordion and Tony DeMarco from New York on Violin.
It was great. An experience that confirmed in me that this Band is truly multidimensional.
Pix to come - link below.

Just before the Electric Set

Picture by Alan Fretten at Ashcon 2005

Andy's Royale Angel ('PC') alongside his Famous 1967 Gibson V that Kev has restored... with a backing of Matamps


Later, after a short break came the Electric Set.
Wow !!!
Were do you start with the Superlatives!

Much later in the set there were some suddenly imposed time constraints by the venue which was very unfortunate!

Ted came onstage to join the Boys to a rapturous round of applause and they finished the set with two numbers including Jailbait.
Ted came on again with them for the encore and they and wound things up with a brilliant rendition of 'Why Don't We'.

The unfortunate last minute change by the Centre Management meant that the gig was cut short!
The Boys managed 32 songs by the end of the night we think, though they had planned 35, but the Crowd were in raptures anyway.
The missed ones we believe were Living Proof and Phoenix in the set and Blowing Free in the encore.
We would have loved to hear Muddy do Phoenix as we believe he would have been spectacular.

This was a very special occasion indeed.

Best Gig we've even seen !!!


Alan Fretten (By Permission)

Andy Powell - Electric Set

Below will be some more photos from the afternoon session part of the day alongside those of the gigs in the evening.
The Pictures are supplied by, Alan Fretten, Bob Greaves and Lyn Chilcott.